Dr. Erin Frick founded the Frick Animal Behavior Laboratory (FAB Lab), in September of 2019 at Eckerd College. Dr. Frick's goal was to provide research opportunities to motivated students, while furthering the knowledge of animal behavior in the scientific community. 

What we are all About

The study of animal behavior has gained a great deal of attention in recent years, with the goal to better understand how and why animals behave the way they do. Knowledge of an animal’s behavioral repertoire is critical to our ability to monitor populations in the wild, enhance rescue and rehabilitation efforts, and provide care in zoological institutions. Research assistants will work in the Frick Animal Behavior Laboratory on active research projects that focus on animal behavior, communication, social learning, and welfare. 

Current Events

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The FAB Lab consists of undergraduate students who work on a few main projects, with several other sub-projects also in progress from these datasets. These projects focus predominantly on animal behavior, cognition, and communication, especially in marine animals. 

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Back Row (left to right): Morgan F., Sophia K., Kala C., Manu S., Morgan B.

Middle Row (left to right): Izabella F., Madi M., Martha P., Rachel T., Kayla G., Tara W., Lara E., Gracie B.

Front Row (left to right): Dylan D., Marina L., Priscilla C., Courtney C., Hana K., Maddie K., Lily C., Hailey M.